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California Fact Sheet

Killian Viktorius Christie is a sweet 3-year-old boy from San Andreas,
CA. He is the youngest sibling of 4 other sisters who do not have MLD.

Killian’s parents became concerned about him when he was unable to balance while walking on his own. Eventually, he gave up on trying to walk. Doctors in the area were puzzled. Killian was eventually referred to a neurologist who ordered a genetic test, and Killian was diagnosed with MLD.

Watching Killian’s frustration with losing his abilities was heartbreaking. Killian was aware that he had skills that were slipping away. Now, he has settled into his new life and lack of mobility and still smiles on some days. Killian is a constant humbling reminder that if he can smile through his tragedy, then we can also make something positive out of every day.

Animals love Killian. The Christie’s have birds, cats, and dogs who follow him everywhere. Killian also loves hitting the road with his parents and sisters for the stimulation of the vibration from the road, the sound of music, and the vibrant colors of the scenery. His other favorite pastimes include cuddling in bed with Mom and Dad. Altogether, Killian’s story
is one of strength. MLD children are incredibly strong in spirit and they inevitably strengthen the people involved in their short, meaningful lives



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