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Kendra and Dave’s youngest daughter, Keira, was born in 2020, around the time that one of their other daughters, Olivia, started having trouble walking. Originally, it was thought that Olivia simply needed physical therapy. Then, she began having problems with vision and hypermobility. After getting an MRI, the first neurologist told them nothing was wrong.

Thankfully, the Rileys decided to get a second opinion. Three days later, the second neurologist informed them that he believed Olivia had MLD. Follow up testing confirmed his hunch.

Kendra and Dave were crushed. On top of that, testing for their youngest daughter, Keira, revealed she also had MLD. Processing this news and seeking care during a global pandemic was a uniquely challenging experience for the family. But the diagnosis Keira received as an infant
enabled her to get specialized support she needed early on.

Despite the family’s struggles, all three sisters continue to bring joy and light to their parents and love spending time together on Olivia’s Make-aWish swing set. And Kendra and Dave now devote their time to supporting families like theirs and raising awareness of MLD and newborn screening.


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